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Take the ride with us!

So, we know you want to do it... rent a camper with Campers Reykjavík. Well we always aim to please! Check out our Mini Campers, they are just beautiful!


They are absolutely to die for. Stunning, cute as heck and reliable to the max! You’ll feel like a true pioneering darling on this trip for sure!


Our campers are vehicles made for creatures of fun and comfort just like YOU. They’re a spectacularly valid option for traveling. Instead of going on car or bus and missing out on the nuances of the open landscape, try a campervan that allows you to inspect the territory at your pace and rhythm.



"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

Campervan Iceland
Campervan Iceland - Camper Iceland
Campervan Iceland - Camper Iceland
Campervan Iceland - Camper Iceland

Contact us

Keflavik Airport Main Office

Iðavellir 11, Zip Code 230

Reykjanesbaer (Iceland)

Tel: +354 539 0605



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Be Local Buy Local ehf.

Location: Iðavellir 11 - 230 Reykjanesbaer


Campervan Iceland - Camper Iceland