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Let’s talk pick up and return service. What should we expect?



After booking quickly and easily, we'll send you a PDF confirmation. This document includes a map of how to get to rental office. Please print it and bring it with you. 


What is the process for payment with you guys?



Our website is smooth and easy for transactions. You’ll have to drop a 15-17% booking deposit fee initially and pay the rest of the purchase in person at pick up. We take Visa/Mastercard or cash (USD, GBP or ISK.) We keep records of your credit card authorization information for the insurance.



I am principal driver but don’t own a credit card. Can I use one of my passenger’s cards?



It’s cool. As long as the cardholder is on the trip, it is permitted without any problems.



Didn’t get an email to confirm our booking. What do we do?



Our system automatically issues a confirmation of booking by sending you an email. If you don’t receive one within minutes of your reservation, then please check your spam or junk inboxes. If they are still not there for some weird reason, then contact us directly at Include all the information you have readily available. We gotcha covered!



What about age requirements? What’s the minimum age to rent a vehicle?



Very easy. 1: Must be at least 21 years old for campers and cars. 2: Hold a valid driver’s license from your country of residence for at least 12 months prior to renting. 3: Minimum of 25 years old for motorhomes.



When will I see a charge on my credit card?



If you want to book everything online then yes, your card will be charged for the entire purchase. However, we do give you the choice of paying a 15-17% deposit. You’ll have to contact our office directly, and the remaining balance needs to be paid in person at pick up.



What if something happens, like if we break down, run out of gas or have a flat tire?



Our 24/7 roadside assistance program is set-up to alleviate any mishaps during your trip. Call +354 539 0605 at any time. If a real emergency unfortunately occurs dial 112 for emergency professionals nearby.



Will I have to apply for an international driver’s permit before coming to Iceland?



Nope. Just bring your nationally issued driver’s license with you on the trip. All you’ll need!



Let’s chat about the cancellation policy. What is it?



We’ve made it simple for you: 


Campers: Cancellation 2 days or more before coming to pick up rental you will receive a full 100% refund to your credit card. However, if you can only cancel from 24-48 hours before you will receive a 50% refund of what you’ve put down. 0-24 hours before pick up, unfortunately you will forfeit the deposit on your vehicle of choice.


Motorhomes: Canceling 2 days or more before picking up your motorhome, we won’t be able to return any deposit funds. If canceling occurs from 0-48 hours before your trip, no payments can be returned.



What’s your location?



Sure, here you go. In Keflavik Airport at Iðavellir 11, 230 Reykjanesbaer.



Do you have any campsite locations that you recommend?



Iceland is chock full of campsites. It’s a great place for camping. There is a camping card that you can order and pick up with your camper. This card gives you a 28 day pass to over 41 campsites nationwide. A lot of these a full functional facilities with showers, bathrooms and recreation areas. We highly recommend you do not camp outside of the designed campsites since it can be a danger to you and others and please watch the local vegetation of course, as always... collect your litter for proper disposal. Keep Iceland fun and beautiful.



We need stuff for our wonderful journey. Where do we buys food, equipment and camping materials there?



Every town in Iceland has great grocery stores and shops but if you’re looking for larger franchises or chain stores try Kronan & Bonus.



Iceland is famous for its winters. Will my rental be winterized?



Absolutely, we provide our camper vans and motorhome rentals with studded tires during this period.



How about sleeping in the camper van during winter? Will it be too cold?



All camper vans and motorhomes are equipped with sophisticated heating systems. It’ll be nice and toasty during your resting periods.


Iceland is wild and wonderful but are animals a risk to us while driving?



Well you do need to look out for animals crossing country roads. For example, sheep cover the landscape in certain areas of the countryside in the summertime. If an accident occurs with a farm animal you’d have to contact the farmer. Some other common animals you might come across include minks, foxes, mice and reindeer (not as common) in specific environments.



I only drive automatic cars. Do you have many in stock?



Some of our campers come in automatic but our motorhomes use a manual transmission.



I am an avid traveler and know that in some countries it’s a no-no to drink the tap water. Is this true in Iceland?



Drink up, yes! One of the cleanest and fresh drinking water you’ll ever taste. Fill up your bottle water for your trip. Best to stay away from warm water. Drink up!



Traveling gets dirty. How about cleaning the car perfectly before returning it. Is this a must?



50/50 deal here. Just make sure you fill up the tank with appropriate petrol and turn in the vehicle with the cooking and kitchen sets cleaned up and you sure be ok!

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