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Experience the ride and adventure of your life with us!



As good providers of adventuring wheeling experiences, we are happy to help you with any recommendations or questions you got!  Need to know where the best shops are to stock up on camping equipment, or local food stores to explore the local cuisine? Just ask and your wish shall be our command. 


The Icelandic Tourist Board has recognized our group as a Booking Office. Our management team prides themselves in giving our staff the right tools and training to provide our customers with 110% personalized service for their amazing adventure in Iceland. Campers Reykjavík is not just a website, but instead a matchmaking portal that puts you together with the best vehicles and service providers in all of Iceland. We give our customers the greatest possible MOTORHOME & CAMPERVAN RENTAL SERVICE IN ICELAND.


We all know traveling is fun but it can also be quite stressful. Our business has been set up on the belief that travel companies should relieve adventurers of the mundane and boring bits of setting up their travel arrangements. We have restructured the way customers book, collect, and drop off their rentals. We want a smooth and easy process for our customers so they can focus on the fun stuff and that’s what we have focused on through the years. 


What makes us the perfect choice for our customers when it comes to renting motorhomes and campervans in Iceland? Two words: Understanding travelers. Technology and mobility have allowed people in the last few decades to venture further away from their comfort zones. This is a very good thing. If you want car rental Iceland, visit our partner site. We get that in these modern times there are many options to book travel online but we are unique since we work at a grassroots level with providers, the tourism commission and our research customer service technicians to give our customers the best knowledge of Iceland, superior quality and useful up-to-date information about their trip and products.


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